Waking Up

Live long and prosper . . .

We usually begin our days in bed, warm, comfortable, in a fetal position, and don’t’ want to stir.   But like it or not, it’s time to get up, and to make it a bit easier, next time try a yogic way.

Wiggle your toes. No, no, no, not your feet, just your toes. And so slightly, hard to detect, almost just an inward movement, but move your toes, and as you lie there, so comfy, in just a moment or two, you’ll notice that your fingers are also moving. No, not your hands, but Oh, so slightly, the finger muscles move.


You didn’t tell them to move, and so, as your attention has shifted to your fingers, if you back-track a bit, you’ll see that now your feet are also moving. Yes, your feet, as well as the toes have awakened.


And knowing that YOU didn’t tell your fingers, much less your feet, to move, and are beginning to wonder what’s going on, for, surprise, surprise, you see that your hands are getting in on the ‘game’ and without consciously moving anything but your toes, you find that fingers, feet and hands are also     in motion.


What’s going on??   Well, what we’re seeing is the proof that our body is one unit, and when we flipped the ‘ON’ switch at one point, the ‘Starter Key’ was turned on and the entire Machine is alive and ready to go.


Think about it. When we walk briskly, who tells the arms and legs how to swing to maintain the body’s balance? . And it’s not just we humans, either, for who tells a beautiful horse, with four legs to be able to run so safely and beautifully. Animals all have Four legs to move, and with no stumbling or getting mixed up with ‘which leg to manage’, yet from birth on, they remember their biological beginnings, and know how to make the right moves. Same with all other ‘machines’, no matter if they have legs, wings, fins or whatever, they KNOW how to manage them.


A few years ago I published a small booklet called “A Machine Called Ethel”. and told of other ways our bodies work so marvelously with no orders from the human owners of the body.


Oh, okay,   you mention the Higher Power who dwells within????? Well that’s another story, and for the nonce, we’re talking about waking up  the machine that the Higher Power uses.


Think of your tongue. It floats there so innocently.  so forgotten, and yet, it knows how to behave perfectly as we use it when we talk. eat. chew, swallow, and move the food from side to side to find other teeth. All at the same time. And then think of that one muscle, said to be one of the strongest muscle in our entire body, the Jaws. and how quietly they sit there waiting for their Power to be needed and used.


Once you get thinking, consider how (at the same time) we breath. cough, sniff, sneeze and talk. Going deeper, how our stomach, intestines, heart, lungs, etc, etc. all do their jobs with no prompting from us, because, anyway, we wouldn’t know what to tell them to do and would really be in trouble if our pancreas waited for us to tell it when and how much Insulin to send forth.   Or, for heavens sake,   what would we tell our liver to do? Or the Bone Marrow, or tell the brain to ‘ get into gear’? Or to tell what muscles to ‘jump’ in alarm at some sharp unfamiliar sound?


Waking up in the morning is just one way that we can consciously watch the Machine called Ethel, Joe, Bill, Henry, take over. with no prodding coming from us.


We are machines . . . . .. and are fortunate, (Blessed) if we become aware and acquainted with the Boss of the whole Thing. The Boss I call The Source.

2 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. Yeah, yeah, waking up, wiggle your toes, pshaw! I have so many quilts and blankets on my bed I can’t even wiggle my legs or arms.
    And with all that effort I feel that it’s not worth it and go back to sleep for a 10er.
    Now, I set my thermostat at 74 to come on about 6am, and it does, but then about 8 when I really am thinking about rising it has cooled back off to near 70 and that’s too cold to really generate ANY enthusiasm.
    Finally, what really gets me going with some conviction is my stomach. It starts thinking about oatmeal, eggs, OJ, maybe some toast–and that is what finally gets me moving. And if that’s not enough by the time I get my hearing aids, glasses, brushing teeth, finding a matching pair of socks (yeah, the kids’ do not, but it’s been years that I have made a habit of buying only one color sox, black for church and white for M-Sat. I do have some wool sox, but I keep them in a different place. Jeans or slacks are necessary because it isn’t just C and I living in our house, otherwise it may be just the skivvies cause our modesty disappeared in the 2nd year of our marriage and you never know what might develop in the morning hours. Lots of activities have also disappeared in the malaise of creaky joints from ankles to ears. I haven’t forgotten any of those fun times, just that the energy level has neutralized desire.
    When at last we are vertical, we usually shuffle to the breakfast items listed above and determine which will least tax the total energy output of the day.
    Laundry is another of those energy taxing activities. If laundry is on the list for the day I might require an additional egg for protein energy, but because we can get it started only the dryer has that nagging sound that reminds us to progress the piles.
    O yeah, back to the toes, I often rub Vicks on them at night in case they may want to make a trip to the facility before actually rising for the day. I call that the ‘cripple stride’, only to be seen at night when corners of furniture grow to dog sized impediments, the collision of which allows for the thinking of something other than the temperature of the toilet seat upon arrival.
    All things considered I now remember why I installed a phone next to the bed, it represents a toe saving device as the other phones are at least 30 feet away.
    Love you all, Jim

  2. What a great post Jim !!! Lmbo and also cry because of the truths.
    Our changing priorities as we age reminded me of this Tribune cartoon a few days ago . . .


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