It’s Not Just Nail Polish Anymore

A cosmetic-counter version of the Swiss Army Knife . . .

     The kid’s fingertips that glowed in the dark on Halloween night, reminded me again of the many other uses there are for Nail Polish and how it should be a standard part of every household ‘fix-it-kit’. And I would bet that as many bottles of Clear polish are in men’s tool kits than at women’s make-up tables.

     My husband, was a real handyman around the house and before he ever knew or thought of colorless polish, he kept one of my nail polish bottles on his shop bench, and didn’t care what color it happened to be.

   But when he was installing a screw into something, he would coat that screw liberally with nail polish, immediately tighten it into place and, to be doubly sure, he’d also ‘paint’ the head of the screw.

   When he became aware of colorless stuff, he would cover the heads of nails and screws on most everything he saw, for it kept rust, dust, and other kinds of stains away.

    I once had a pair of metal salt and pepper shakers at my stove, but as they were often left damp, in a day or two there would be stains where they stood. But I found that with one good clean up, followed by a coat of colorless polish on the bottom of the shakers, left staining a thing of the past.

    I find the Clear is great for a fingernail that has a roughness that nothing but growing out will eliminate.   And, it’s the answer, if you happen to have one of those fingernails that ‘layers’, and is not only unattractive, but is always ‘catching’ on clothes, and forever forming another loose layer. Keep it covered well with colorless nail polish and let the nail grow out. Might take a month or two, but it’s worth the trouble and what other choice is there?

   If you keep a bucket in your garage for measuring liquids needed in the garden, mark off, on the inside, various lines with bright polish, so you will know when you’ve reached a gallon, pint, quart, cup or whatever is needed. It works, and the time spent putting those lines where they are needed, saves you hours of time and frustration, later on.

     The Clear polish will fill in the dents on the top of wooden furniture, and if you coat the brass handles and knobs around the house with the clear polish they’ll never tarnish. Mix a bit of vinyl dust with the clear polish to repair any scratches on your vinyl flooring. Nice.

    My husband would have grabbed onto the new Glow-in-the-dark polish, for it spells the end of fumbling in the middle of the night, trying to find the Remote to turn OFF the TV or music when sleep came, leaving the programs going on forever. I’ve found that a few daubs on the Remote’s edges, as well as painting the On and Off buttons are godsends. Betcha more bottles are sold for such purposes than for finger or toe nails. Or even Halloween.

    Touch up the loose ends of a rope, string, or cord on a window blind to keep them from fraying as well as mending small cuts or tears in window screens.  And the Glow polish is a wonder in helping you find the key-hole of your car in the dark of night, too.

   When the knobs on your dresser or cabinets become loose, dip the screws into clear polish before tightening them and they will stay firm for a long time.

  Never tried it myself, but was told to use acetone polish remover to repair burns on wooden furniture. I think they were referring to hot ashes accidentally dropped from a burning cigarette, but of course, no one   smokes any more, so cancel that one.

   All together, I think we’ve found more uses for both Clear and Glow nail polish than the makers imagined. Or maybe they did, and left it to us to find out what we have right at our fingertips.

Yeah, yeah I know this is a repost, but I just found some new uses for nail polish so I posted it again!!  : )

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  1. Yes, nail polish is great but I had not thought about putting it on the screw -did it today on one that has been driving me nuts. Great Blog…. Also thanks for the other information I got yesterday.

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