A Machine Called Ethel

I am in it, but not of it . . .

I’ve written often of who I’ve been, but now find it most important to find out who I’m in the Process of Becoming. and find that everyone, aware of it or not, is doing the same. I take this seriously and think back on Shakespeare’s so oft-quoted words: “To thine own self be true,” and wonder, just who and what is my True Self.    

To begin with, we became what our parents and early teachers made of us. What else? But by the time we’re in our teen years, many of us find we don’t fit into their pattern but try to conform, guiltily thinking that to be different must be wrong.

The Process to find our own True Self is difficult for young people, but in some manner, (with me it was books), many of us find that we are not wrong, only ‘different’. And that’s alright. for if we’re uncomfortable with who we are, we, and no one else, has the power to change  or help us change to fulfill our inner deams.

We have initially been formed into what others wanted us to be, but for a successful, happy maturity, we must ultimately learn to respect, accept and finally love our difference.  And to  find out who and what we do want to be..  

I tell my journey. I was born one of five siblings, and different from all. I was pure Svenska, with white, straight hair, and surrounded by a dark curly- haired family. Mama must have felt God had made a mistake, but I would have fit smoothly into my paternal Swedish lineage, and thankfully, finally became mature enough to know I was not wrong, just had been born with my own Scandinavian genes.

Little by little, I learned I was not unique, and that there were many with my same physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual propensities. Needless to say, it was a deep relief to find I was not some odd, unique being and far from being the only one.

It was a blessing to me that from childhood I was a reader, and my father never once complained of the many trips to and from the Murray Library  that  I carelessly asked of him. It was an eye-opener to me, and shook me to my core, to find books explaining the thoughts and lives of thinking people from the different countries of the world.

There, but a mile from home, was where I found that I was not wrong, only different, and more important, held the power and shown the way to become the person I wanted to be.

Aware or not, we’re all Beings In Process, and I wish Teachers could let young students know that every second of the day, everyone is in the Process of Becoming a different person. And, of prime importance, it is everyone’s choice as to the kind of person they are becoming.

There is not a one of us who wouldn’t like to go back and live our lives over again, but with the wisdom we have gained along the way.  Not to be, I know, but when we reach the last decades of our lives, we don’t wish to be another  Einstein, but to have allowed our True Selves to meet and work with those who entered and continue to enter our lives.

So I ask myself. ‘Ethel, who are you now becoming?’  For none of us are through with the Process, which will continue until we enter The Next Room, where the machine, no longer needed, is discarded and Spirit, that ever-present inner Source, reveals Itself. 

I think I’ve caught a glimpse of the Goal, and shiver as I know that if I allow and grow, we all will, in some Higher Next Room, become One With The Source of All. You know that, too?   And that we’ll someday meet each other There?   What a blessed Process.


 A few years ago I penned a small booklet I titled A Machine Called Ethel, and though I’d make changes in it to-day, the concept stays firm. I walk, talk and live in a ‘Machine’ called Ethel, but I Am not that machine. I use it, take care of it, could not continue in a physical body without it, but I am not it and it is not Me.   I think you’d like the book.

Please email Ethel if you would like a copy of ‘A Machine Called Ethel’.  ethelbrad@comcast.net


3 thoughts on “A Machine Called Ethel

  1. I pondered this title for a moment or two and had to laugh a little. I recoil at being called a machine, I take umbrage at being whistled at, I refuse to answer a door to a last name call. These are not hard and fast rules, just those things that I want to have a little respect and consideration.

    I don’t think you are a machine, ok, so you walk like the rest of us, go to the bathroom, eat, sleep, go to the store for food, pay taxes, etal. But, your walk is unique, we like certain amenities in the br, I eat different things than you, I sleep on my right/left side, buy different stuff at the store, and altho we may all grumble at paying taxes, mine are for a Toyota, yours may be different.

    I read something the other day that claimed we have shared secrets with 159 people. We may know more than 3000 people or more depending on how we have travelled, but it’s those 159 that we claim as special. There may even be fewer: I’m sure you had some secrets with Arch, but there are probably secrets that were kept from him, too.

    We may share some machinery, but your grease points are in different places than mine and so on.

    Nice Column, luv

    Big Jim

  2. Okay, OK. But . . . do you conciously choose to blink your eyes? swallow saliva as it comes to your mouth? Turn your head when you hear some unknown sound? Jump when a ball is tossed to you? Shiver when cool? On and on, come on. the Source made a finely tuned machine, but machine it is. He called it a Human Body, the name for a machine in ‘thpse’ days. juv ya. eb.

  3. Ethel and Big Jim

    Late in answering, but my days are crowded. The idea of being a Machine came up at a dinner meeting and a fellow doctor was noting what our ‘machines’ were doing right then.
    She told us to consider our tongues. We were surprised, but did as told, and she asked us to watch our tongues accepted the food we placed in our mouths, moved it around so we would chew it, getting the hard pieces (nuts) to the proper places to be chewed, and the softer foods to other locations, and then when ready our tongues moved the mass to the rear fo be swallowed, and all with no thought. Another part of the machine took over then.
    At the same time, our tongues were busy making all the moves and positions necessary for speaking, in addition to control the food in our mouths.
    And, she asked us to observe that our brains were not only instructing our tongues to manage the food, move to create different sounds that made our words, but also hearing the talks and conversations going back and forth, While mulling over the material we had received at our morning meetings.
    Our religious choices varied or void, but all somehow agreed there was some Force which created the most advanced computer ever conceived and placed it within each of us.
    If you see these words, I hope you smile as you also observe your lowly tongue.
    From an interested M.D.

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