New Flannel Sheets

And memo to Sylvia . . .

This past month  was the coldest January we’ve had in decades, and so was an ideal time for me to start using new Flannel Sheets.  Well, I guess as an infant my mother tucked them around me, but who was I to appreciate anything back then except clean clothes and a full tummy?

It was my niece Sylvia who casually mentioned that she and her husband sleep twixt flannel all year long, and in answer to my surprised eyes, explained, that “If we lived in Utah, I’d go for the cotton “cold” sheets in the summer, but here in the Puget Sound area, we seldom break 90 degrees, and with the nights in the 60s, a flannel sheet is the perfect blanket. Cool fluff in the summer and nary a cold corner in the winter.”    

And I, who considers a heating pad to be a standard equipment for all beds, no matter what the season, perked up my ears, tucked the idea in a  handy mind-corner, and in a week or two, when I saw sheets on sale at a local mart, I halted and without missing a breath, asked if they had Flannel ones.

“Why, of course”, was the answer, and in a trice I was facing a shelf of Twin size sets for $15.99 and  $22.95. Now I’m not one to walk past a bargain, and  even though the patterns weren’t what would have been my first choice, I figured, what the heck, that’s why they’re on sale.

And for the difference of only $7.00, decided to go first class, bought a $22.95 bundle, was off for home, and almost before taking off my coat, had my bed stripped, the package opened and was re-making my bed, with  that soft, fluffy stuff.  Absolutely heaven on earth, and was already planning on an early bedtime hour to test them out.  And going further, saw myself with a book, a dinner tray and music in the background.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The fluffiness made the sheets seem bulky, but I soon found the  bottom, ‘fitted’ sheet and saw it was different than the usual ‘four corner’ fitted ones I use, for this one had just one big ‘rubber band’,  like a 1/4 inch rope, that was in a casing that went around the entire four sides.  Like a big cap.  That’s  nice, I said and pulled the sheet from side to side until the mattress was encased and that circle of elastic, on the under side,  kept it tightly fitted. Not bad at all. 

Then I reached for the top sheet, and found it really was large.  Too large.  Too wide.  Too long, and belatedly knew that I’d bought sheets for a larger bed. Way off from what I needed.

But I wasn’t to be beaten, and was soon pulling that huge sheet far to one side and began tucking it in, and in, and in, and in, until I had the right amount of overhang on the one side, and the other??? Well, there was over  a yard of tuckage on that  side, and the same at the foot of the bed.  But out of sight, out of mind and as long as that great big rubber band kept the under sheet where it belonged, I could manage the top, and all was well.

And there’s a good side to it, too, for now making the bed each a.m. is a ‘piece of cake’.  The sheets on the ‘that’ side are so well anchored they can’t  budge, and the other is just right.  And all that’s beside the point. I love them.  No more cold spots, and surprise of all, although I keep it handy, there is no more need for the Heating Pad.  Everywhere is that soft, welcoming warmth.

And so,  if you think  the comforting fluffiness of Flannel is for infants only, think again. You’ll have no regrets,  but, glory be,  take  more time than I did, and get the right size.  I can anchor that top sheet, but must admit that only that tight ‘rubber band’ on the lower sheet, saved my life.  There’s an old saying that God takes care of drunks and fools, and I’m not a drunk, ergo, you know what I must be. 

So Sylvia, lots of love and thanks are speeding to you, straight  from Ur Ant Ethel.

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