Free Health Care For Life

For the lifers, it’s all free

No one told us that life was going to be fair, but this is one time there must be an answer to the dilemma.

There are thousands of older people who need the care that can only be given in special centers, but can’t afford the expense.  However, at the same time, another growing group, with the very same needs, and no money eithe, but this time our government is erecting buildings  (and don’t forget who pays for government buildings) to take care of that second group. In truth, within the last 10 (+ or -) years, have already built three, and residency there costs those of that second group, absolutely not one cent.  Free.

And the difference?  It’s hard to believe, but the first, who pay for their own Care, or don’t get it, are the law abiding citizens who’ve done nothing more illegal than running a red light.  And the other segment? Those who are getting special buildings, special doctors, food, medicine and all such needs at no cost at all?   Well,  they’re the criminals we’ve sent to prison for life. Murder, usually the cause, and in doing so, we also took on the job of supplying every need.  For that life time.

And with the care they get, nutritional, medical, etc. and with no stress, their lives are most often longer than the ones on ‘the outside’.

I taught at the Prison for several years and more than one man (I was not in the women’s section) said out-rightly that if ever they were ‘freed’ and sent out into the world, the very first thing they’d do would be to commit some crime that would send them right back.

One man, perhaps in his late 50’s or SO said, “This is the first time in my entire life that I’ve known I’d have a bed to sleep in at night.  It’s the first time I’ve had three good meals every day,  first time I’ve had clean clothing, dental care, clean bedding, and so much more.  You couldn’t pay me to leave here.”

And I shivered,  as I saw others nodding their agreement.

We have a fast growing population of people that we’ve committed ourselves to supporting. For life. And not one single thing or act  is required from them.  Nothing.  No  chores or duties, and it seemed to me that when they get into their late 40’s, they are very content, and I’ve heard so many of them say, “I’ve never had it so good.”

Several years ago, I read where three large facilities were being built to house prisoners from prisons all over the U.S.A., who needed special Care for reasons incident to age, would be sent.  Now they are needing and building  more.

Turning them loose is not the answer,  but I do think a good answer, maybe not a solution, but a part time one, is to use the men and women, from the time imprisoned, on labor forces such road work, janitor work in government parks and buildings, and such places where labor only is needed. Places where they can be watched constantly and also to be clothes in quickly identifiable Prison Uniforms, and ankle ‘bracelets’ so as to be instantly recognized, and their movements hampered, and controlled, an absolute requirement.  And no wages paid, either.

Sounds good?  Yes it does, and has been tried out, but has been fought right and left, as the opponents say, those prisoners would be performing jobs and activities that law-abiding men and women could fill, and so you are depriving law-abiding citizens of wage paying jobs.

It’s a dilemma  but think about it.  So many law abiding people need such care, but cannot afford the exorbitant prices.  Yet the criminals who robbed, killed, raped or kidnapped, are getting that care free of charge, and while you might not afford to pay for it for some one in  your family, you are paying those same bills for the life-time criminals.

We, the public, are ending up being victims for the second time. First for their crimes and now for their care.  Justice for all?????  Think again, and again and again and if you think there’s some solution, fine, wonderful, but meanwhile send this column to every name on your list.  Thank  you.


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