About Ethel

I was Women’s Editor and also wrote a column, Out My Window, over 40 years for The Murray Eagle (aka The Green Sheets) a weekly Salt Lake valley paper, published in Murray, Utah with a circulation of around 50,000.  The paper had been published off and on since WW One, but reached its zenith in the mid 1950’s on into the early 1990’s. In 1958 I was hired by James “Jim” and Bette Cornwell, as a ‘waif off the streets.’   I found I liked to write, was asked to do so regularly and have never stopped.  Local, State and National awards came to me, as well as many Murray City accolades for ‘reaching the heart of the people’, whatever that meant. But nonetheless, I bowed, smiled and said Thank You.  Wouldn’t you do the same? 


Ethel Ohlin Bradford


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  1. Antie Ethel, Love the Ying and Yang of things, you have made my day. Want to see more…. Love Kathy

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