Here Comes The Holiday Ad Barrage

Most retailers can wait until Halloween is over, other’s can’t.  I even saw “Christmas in July” on a shopping channel this summer.  Either way and in any case, the barrage of holiday advertisements and messaging is upon us.  So this is Ethel’s wish to us all to keep the important things up front, and remember to love.


We’ve spent our lifetimes being programmed by others as to what Christmas is.  We are all barraged daily with messages from elevator music to junk mail, and heaven help anyone who watches TV or has a phone.  There is a reason they call it “programming”  and it starts with $.

Well here is a Holiday message from Ethel.  Imagine a group of people, together, (with the TV and electronic devices off) sharing a meal and themselves.

Thank thee Lord, for food prepared,

Thank Thee, Lord for love that’s shared.

Bless Thou the Cup,   Bless Thou the Bread

Thy Blessings, Lord, upon each head.


Best wishes, and let this spirit be the guide for your holidays . . .