Ethel’s Creed

Ethel continues to mend, and is wishing everyone well.  She is unable to take calls or visits yet, but we hope that will change for the better soon.

Here is her “creed.”  It has hung in her kitchen for years . . .



So simple.

My Consciousness has never confused

Itself with my temporary body of Ethel Ohlin Bradford.


Before I came to earth, I was the Same.

I lived in a child’s body, but I was the Same.

I grew into womanhood,

Yet there was no change in Me. I was the Same.


When it was time for this body to marry and have children,

I joyously did so, but I remained the Same.


                                     And though this body has lived, worked and matured

I remain the Same.


And I learned

There are no Baby Spirits, but

There are Spirits in Baby Bodies.

There are no old-worn-out Spirits, but

There are Spirits in Old-Worn-out Bodies,



Throughout Eternity, though the Dance of Creation

changes around Me,

I shall ever be the Same.


The Creed

of the

One who lives in the temporary body known as

Ethel Ohlin Bradford


Written circa 1990.

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