DIY Resurrection

Grama and Gramps in the freezer? A lawyer’s holiday . . .

There are experts who say that in not too many years, people will take an inventory of their freezer and the list will be pretty much as it would be today, but . . . also as part of that list it will include, Grandpa, and cousin Amy.

I’m not joking. The scientists are experimenting with freezing people, (after they’re declared legally dead), and keeping them that way until a cure is found for whatever disease caused their death, Then, the plans are to ‘defrost’ the body, and bring it back to life with techniques they have already successfully accomplished on many small life forms. And then they will start healing the bodies of what killed them.

And, if they say this is what they plan on doing, I believe them, for I’ve noted that scientists never talk (brag) about their experiments until they’re pretty darn sure of what they’re saying. A lot of us remember when ‘going to the moon’ was a joke, but now it’s so taken for granted that new Lunar voyages seldom even make the headlines.

But bringing people back to life, (they were careful to not even come close to saying ‘resurrected)  will cause more than a few problems.  To begin with, say a man was 45 when he died. His wife about 40 and his kids 10 to 15.  And, what if, 25 years later the cure for the man’s fatal illness is found and, happy day. there he is alive and healthy. But, but, but wait a moment. What about his wife and family??

Well, for a starter, Of course his job is gone, and his nest egg and life insurance, were spent years ago, to put his own youngsters through college. His wife is now 65 years old and living in his home with a man she wed 20 years ago. And the resurrected man’s children have married and have given him a raft of grandkids.

It will create a Lawyer’s Holiday and fortunes will be made. And, Insurance companies will have to add a paragraph or two, explaining that they will pay only once on any policy, no matter how many times the insured people happen to live and die.

The only good thing in the expert’s experiments, is that it will cost so much that hardly anyone will be able to afford the procedure.

But I have an inquisitive (nosey?) mind and wonder if the resurrected people will have Souls (and will it be the same one?) or will they be Mechanical-People-Robots, and be better off in some Believe It Or Not circus. Will the new person even remember the life he once lived and where he died?

Before all this is a fait accompli, we’d better figure out where all the re-runs are going to live. We’re already so crowded that the only place for more is UP and there are now more and more areas where ‘  one-family dwellings’ are no longer legally allowed to be built. HI-RISE Condos and retirement homes are springing up all over, and now when there are too many of us already here , someone is trying to bring back past generations to add to our numbers.

We’re treading on no-no territory when we speak of resurrections (and they don’t) for that’s Someone Else’s business. We ought to think it over, because if those sharp scientists have their way, one of these days your freezer inventory really will include all the food we usually have on hand but will also have Grandpa, Grama, there, too.   Egad.

5 thoughts on “DIY Resurrection

  1. Sounds a little like mummication. My cousin had that done. The way science and technology is proceeding, anything is possible.

  2. Thanx. I’m leaving orders ‘to leave me alone’. Once has been good, but once has been enough, also. Love how your mind works, Marie. I’ve yet to shock you too-o-o-o-o-o-o much. Ethel

  3. Ethel, like how your mind works, So I tell my story.. A year or so ago I saw a Black Widow Spider in a corner of my garage, where Black widows should not be, and I automatically reached for a Deadly Spray can and soon that Black Widow was no more but curled up dead, dead, dead, dead. And, as it was in a hard place to get to, I walked away and left it to the cold, snow and ice.
    I’d see it there as I walked back and forth in the days ahead and it was there, curled up, unmoving and dead. But a month or so later, with the days warming up a bit, and the sun was ‘hitting’ that Black Widow that I was sorta keeping track of, and , believe it or not, I saw the legs begin to straighten out. I stood frozen to the spot watching what you didn’t call ‘resurrection’ of a Spider. For like it or not, believe it or not, that hated spider slowly unfroze, AND THAT BLACK WIDOW SPIDER BEGAN TO CRAWL AWAY. He didn’t get far because, this time I knocked it to the ground and I put my big foot on him, and there was no chance for another resurrection. Yeah, if it could happen to a damned Black widow, it could happen to a person. R.B.

    • That’s a good one. Better than anything I’ve heard and those scientists would love it. eb

  4. I remember a few years ago there was circulated a tale about an enterprising saleguy in Alta, Ut that claimed to bring back the dead. This was especially important for those that had lost loved ones in a recent snow slide. They got thinking about this issue and came to the same conclusion as you: it could get mighty crowded in the ol’ living room with moms and dads, kids and grandparents that had returned from the dead.
    However, there could be some virtue in this discovery and there could be a potential write off for taxes, there being an expense in keeping the population in suspense.
    Also, It seems the birth rate of today’s families is exceptionally low and therefore we are not reproducing ourselves. The Moslems that have crept into our nation have no illusions about it and are multiplying like…well you get the idea. Saving those potential soldiers in the freezer might be an army in inventory that could be called upon in an emergency. They would have been already trained maybe, not have any illusions about war and in net, be expendable. And don’t forget the apocalyptic nature of such an army, it would be a frightening aspect to the attackers!

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