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I sent a letter to a dozen or so friends. expressing my anger, disappointment, and frustration with the two candidates Clinton and Trump, one of whom will  evidently be our choice to have as our President for the coming four or more years.  Neither, to me, is Presidential material and the United States will lose much of its world wide respect.
My letter expressed my feelings, and asked for theirs, and here are some of the responses I’ve received,   I promised all identities will remain hidden.

Exhibit A:

Yer right! The prospect of either is frightening.

Trump first, I’ve never liked the guy, his business priveledge has repelled me. But, his ridiculing of the way congress has acted over the last twenty years, his frustration with stupid idiotic spending and pandering to those with their hands out, his reaction to the general weakness of our status in the World opinion, and comments on welfare recipients has resonated with the silent majority of people who are tired of Washington’s nonsense and emphasis on reelection.

Clinton, on the other hand is just a common criminal who has no regard for the rule of law, is an outlaw, a hypocrite of the first water. It was she that demanded during the Watergate investigations declared, “I want to know who knew what and when.” But now when she is in the hotseat equivocates, evades and dissembles. No one in government has had so many people fall victim of death and disgrace as around her. Her blatant disregard for the people of the US and the Constitutional guidelines and controls is alarming. She sounds a lot like Hitler in describing the panacea for the ills of the country. Her position on the 2nd Amendment is criminal and quixotic. I think she feels volume is the answer for questions she doesn’t want to answer.

Entitlements by the Feds are valid only for SS recipients and Veterans. All other funds transfers are Welfare, and ObamaCare is a recipe for the kind of lying of those not wanted as in the case of Jews, Catholic Priests, mentally ill, and unpatriotic as in Germany in 1939.  Her ideology is to parley as many illegals as possible into voters.

Well, you asked! Well, for whom shall vote?

Terse and to the point this caller from the great northwest . . .

I keep wondering if a third party is going to appear.  it wouldn’t surprise me at all.  i might wonder how many people will write in Mickey Mouse.  If the country got together and wrote in the same candidate there might me a humble person as president–but who?  I’m waiting for a third party to come through.

Email #4:

I’d like to know how much money has been received, and what future promises have been made by Hillary’s organization. She learned all the ropes, and got first hand knowledge of such methods when Bill Clinton, her husband, made his successful run for the same office. She watched how he got around illegal corners, and is using those methods now. The average person, running for some small town office, and doing the same things she has done, would be legally investigated and put out of the race by now.

This rant came to us via hand written paper, wrapped around a rock, tossed near our door:

Maybe I am getting older, seeing a bit more clearly, or just becoming jaded.  But I see almost no one I admire or respect or get excited about.  Bunch of loser puppets with long coat tails hooked onto money and power.

I know he is a self proclaimed marxist, and doesn’t stand much of a chance againast Killary, but Bernie is my guy.  He is honest, hard working, and is for the little guy.  Call him a populist, but he rejects (seemingly) the big money and God and g0d knows we need some balance right now Away from big money running things.  They say politics is the entertainment arm of the military-industrial-complex.  If so Bernie is playing some fringe and indie roles.

But maybe we don’t stand too much of a chance changing things.  The business of America is business they said during the imperial period, and it still holds true now.  He who has the gold, rules.

Our best chance is to make sure we participate in the local politics.  Here comes rant number two:  We are WAY too far right in Utah because of the fundamentalist mormon overlay on all of local politics.  It’s not that the LDS have a majority, it is that they are organized, mobilized, and generally do what they are told.  So controlling local elections is easy for them (like the caucuses) especially when the more liberal crowd does not get out to vote or participate.  So if you want some change, do it locally, and just get a few new voters out.  The mormons rule all of rural Utah due to TSCC’s grip on the locals.  Not so in Salt Lake COunty.  Ever wonfder why the district map for legislative is so funny looking?

Email #7:

In Utah it is a done deal for the republican for national office so what is the point to get all excited.  Vore for someone you might know locally or just do All GOP like most of the state.

Well,  good thing I wasn’t looking for something positive to brighten the day, but you know how this stuff goes.  Any comments please post them here, I’ll add any that might come in.

5 thoughts on “Our Presidential Candidates

  1. Never Never discount the value of what we have in our country and ability to vote and have an effect on elected officials. While not perfect, our system is much better than almost any other. An attitude of “it does not matter” is self defeating and fatal to our freedoms.

    • You are so right. I forget and get so disgusted with what I see and hear on TV that get carried away. Thanx for taking time to ‘get my head on straight. Ethel;

  2. I am Dutch real Dutch but in my little country we remember every year with a great ceremony Rooseveld and his Eleanor fo rus that was the leader of a land of milk and honey a land where freedom was, but on this moment…. I must tell my grandchildren that the U.S.A. is not longer a country where dreams are true, I am afraid what the future us shall bring, please U.S.A. wake up and give the world a leader that brings our good memories back

  3. M confused a little, your request was to comment on the two persons running but comments see quite widespread to other subjects. I’ll not reveal my name to avoid ID.

  4. Another way to look at this thing is . . .

    How will it really matter who is elected the next presdident?

    The business and system of our government is so huge and ingrained, I don’t know how any new president can do much at all except put on appearances. Each of the candidates are beholden to others for their current positions. Both are ego maniacs and probable raging narcissists, else they would not be where they are today.

    They can make administrative law by themselves and will be the face of our military and state.

    Wars come and go according to the needs of the military-industrial complex, and whoever is president at the time gets to be a hero.

    Maybe the most profound thing a president can do is appoint court justices. Here is where FDR knew how to get things done.

    So who will do the least damage, to homeland and also to world affairs? And is the world economy so tied together now, and controlled by so few, that both are puppets, and we are the distracted audience members watching the show and thinking the soap opera is real.

    Now locally that is another thing. It really boils down to one thing, the elephant in the room. Code word it what you want, predominant local religion, conservatives, the majority, it is really the LDS church members working in unison and being organized. The precepts of that church rule those people’s lives, and they vote and become active caucusers accordingly.

    There Is a secret wire from the COB to the Capitol (one way) that sends instructions for how to vote correctly to the legislators. Well most of them. The conservatives.

    Ok Ethel back to regular programming now. This hard core politics is a bit off the regular path for your blog. Sayin’

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