Four Rest Rooms

Or will it be five, another for Questioning . . .

It won’t be soon, but a plan is being ‘talked about’, and if it keeps going, inevitably there will be Four Rest Rooms, instead of the standard Men and Women duo.

You know what they’ll be. Yeah, in addition to the usual two, there will be one for those who claim to be Female, but their Birth Certificate says Male; and another for those whose Birth Certificate says Female, but grew up feeling Male.

They’ve long been known as Lesbians and Gays, and no doubt those will be the names used on the added Rest Rooms. And for those who want, or need them, the change is legitimate and overdue.

Two questions have been asked. First: If you are Female, would you be comfortable making use of the Male facilities? Followed, of course, by the opposite: If you are Male, would you be comfortable in the Female rooms?  Of no importance for most of us, but well known in the Locker Rooms of all Sports, and more and more often in our schools.

Of course the first line of confrontation has been and continues, (in fine print, but in all contracts), is that “You play well and we want you on our team. We pay well, but you must sign that you’ll be content with the Locker Rooms as they now are”. Period.

And that’s what men and women, (Yes, it goes both ways), have been doing for many years, and while there’s been many a hullabaloo over the unfairness of it. There is no solution, and the problem grows.

It’s unfair that a person whose Birth Certificate says Female, but grows up to be Male in feeling and strength, and so can (and many do)  perform in some Women’s sport in a stronger manner than the ‘regular’ females and because of that added strength, gives that team an unfair advantage. Like it or not,  it ends up with ‘men’ on  women’s teams.

 And it works the other way with some person whose Birth Certificate says Male, but grows up being Female, will not be able to perform with the expected muscle, vigor or strength.

It’s a long, long recognized problem. In the earliest day of National Baseball, there were hints in the newspapers, and the majority didn’t know what they were talking about. But we learned.

That was the era when Gays and Lesbians were known, but never publicly spoken about. Every Player or Owner knew about it, but separate Rest Rooms and Locker Rooms were never even thought of, and they are discussed today only because those so affected have grown in numbers, giving them more voices, and ergo, more power.

It gets confusing. We hear hints for Sexuality Cards (as any Charge Card) that would slide through some machine to open the doors, and like it or not, such Cards, would be a protection from Sexual crimes by the wily ones who could profess to be Gay or Lesbian and so get into the ‘wrong’ facilities.  The ramifications are endless,

It won’t be easy, and ‘big money’ will fight it tooth and nail, for, if this ever becomes a law, it will require major remodeling of every public building, and many businesses will not have the needed space, nor the money, to pay for it. It will probably be solved, as in many European cities, (still only Men and Women) but where large public-owned Rest Room structures are on every block and thusly, are paid with Tax money.

There are hints that our dependence on what our Birth Certificates say is coming to an end.  And on all ident cards, the Sex question will have four squares, M.F.L.G. And we will check the Real choice, and not the one on our Birth Certificates.

My son Bill who is far more into today’s world than I am, says that the current ‘politically correct’ categories are: LGBTQ, or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning. And how all that would fit on Door Signs is beyond me. So, for simple folks it just boils down to: does the person have a penis or a vagina. And with that, we’re back to the Rest Room signs we’re using right now and I’ll stick with that, and leave well enough alone.

5 thoughts on “Four Rest Rooms

  1. I agree, leave well enough alone. Life use to be so simple. I wonder what is in store for my great grandchildren. Thanks.

  2. I think it will be a world we would find so far removed from this one, that they wont know how WE coped with life, AND we wouldn’t know how they cope, either. Different worlds.

    I get get my meals, and what with dozens of frozen varieties of meats, veggies, fruit and all, and how quickly I can put a darn good meal together in moments, and know that my Mom would be at a loss to get a meal together today. And yet my meals are well balanced and in so many ways, better for me, than hers were. How I depende upon my f reezer, the blender, and the micro would make her feel she was in a foreign land.

    Good to hear from you. love ya. Ethel

  3. Oh, yes and getting back to my column of today . . . sex . …. Mom would almost literally ‘die’ to see what I write. Oh, well, another world. ethel

  4. Lacking any direction from devoted parents I wonder how many of the 10% or so lgbt are really committed or just experimenting with their own lust. “They” have appealed to the gov’t to prevent any attempts to give any encouragement to straighten themselves out and are just gleaning from society any way to orgasm rather than a committed partnership to,happiness.
    I don’t have a good answer to the restroom confusion other than go in do your business and get out. Don’t make such an issue of your presence. Stop wanting to proselyte those whose idiology is not your own.
    That reminds me of a riddle: the people in a theatre felt the urge: one is going in, one is in there, and the third is coming out. What are their nationalities. (See answer at the bottom)
    The one going in is Russian, the one coming out is Finnish and the one in there is European.

    • Jim, you’re wonderfdul, and I hate to admit it, but I had to read your reply two times before I REALLY READ IT, AND THEN LUAGHED ALOUD. You’re great. Talked to Stephen this am. and he mentioned how good it was to talk to you. Family . . . , ‘aint it good”???
      lots of luv frm ur ant e.b.

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