The Check Is In The Mail

And this time it really was . . .

I wager that we’ve all bought some item, found the promises made were phoney, and if the cost is small, we shrug our shoulders, and toss the item out. But this time I’d spent more than a few dollars. First I paid for the dang stuff, then paid for the repair bill for the damage it caused, plus the inconvenience of being without the use of what the stuff was supposedly for.

It was odd, for I finally hired a man to fix my problem, and as he was getting ready to leave, casually asked what I had used and when I told him, he said, “Yeah, I thought so, I’ve been getting other calls from the same stuff, and as soon as your call came, I thought “Here’s another one” and I was right.”

And, right now, I’m not saying what ‘it’ was. Liquid, powder, pill, or mechanism for house, car, bathroom, kitchen or whatever, and so I shall call it stuff. But yet it was sold as a good fix for a problem we all, at least every year or so, need.

The stuff works nicely at first, but in a few month’s time, it begins to have side effects and “You were lucky” the repairman said, “by calling for help before it really was a PROBLEM. I’ve seen some big ones from that little innocent looking stuff. ”

I knew darn well that the manufacturer couldn’t help but know of the strength, and the weaknesses of what they were extolling day by day, for the repair person ‘knew’ what had happened, before he even got to my home.

So, I wrote a letter to that company.  And quite soon got a letter telling first of all that it was my fault for not following directions, but, they needed proof that I owned the home it happened within, and was not a renter; a copy or the wrapping, bottle or box the stuff came in, the price tag, proof of what my expenses had been, and a picture of the damage I claimed done.

Well, it seemed rather demanding, but by then, I was determined and got together, a copy of papers to prove my home ownership, and I sent the bill I had for charges. They also asked for a picture of the damage done, but no, I didn’t take a pix of what had happened, but did mention that I have an Internet Blog where I tell in detail what happens in my life..

This time they answered quickly with a phone call, telling me again, that it had been my fault for not using it right. Right? Well, it seemed to be only one way to use that stuff,  but they said they would send me a check but only partial for I had not followed their directions.

And, they cover their bases well, for in big, firm language, it said that when I cashed the check, it meant I would never mention their name or what had happened. And so you see, I tell about the stuff in parables.

And so, so, so. We know advertisers blow up their claims as if they were miracle workers, and yet there’s also a part of us that wants to believes them. And, if the product isn’t as wonderful as they claimed, what can we do about it???

Well, we can do more than we thought. and that is the ‘why’ of my words today. And while I know it’s a bore to write a letter, but somewhere on every bit of ‘stuff’ we buy, there will be, in tiny print, an address or phone number where we can write or call. Do it. And do it swiftly and strongly. Let them know you’re one angry, disappointed customer. Be firm. And a talkative one, who will spread the message. and I think my mentioning an Internet Blog speeded things up for me.

Most of us, when disappointed in a product, shrug our shoulders, vow we’ll not buy that again, and the producers keep on making a small fortune on the next buyer. But they don’t want angry people talking about their product, and that’s exactly what we are when we catch them in their lies. We’ve got to write, write, and WRITE, And don’t worry about using the proper language, but be sure to give them your name, address, phone number and email also. They don’t want their name being negatively tossed around the internet.

I doubt it, but just maybe they’ll learn not to exaggerate (read ‘lie’) so blatantly, and partial reparation is better than none, so the next time you get ‘stung’, write a letter to the company, and perhaps you’ll hear those lovely words I did: The Check Is In the Mail. And it was.

Who was it that said, “Half a loaf is better than none?.” Well, that’s exactly what I got. Half a loaf.

2 thoughts on “The Check Is In The Mail

  1. Yeah, it’s frustrating to get something that seems a solution but isn’t. I like your attitude, get ’em where you can. I’m guessing they may have been a little more generous had you refused their terms of non disclosure in your anger. It is amazing how quickly they respond to really irate consumers.

  2. Hi, jim. Yeah, we all get taken at some time. The ads are so compelling we t hink they’re the answer to all our problems. More people should ‘read the fine print’ and decipher the address to write to AND THEN DO IT. thanxk for your c omments. ethel

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