Fluxliners and IFOs

IFO is the new UFO . . .

We’ve all thought that in time, the UFO’s which have been observed for centuries, would ‘someday’ be found, identified, tamed and that we would be making them for our own use. (Use? What use?) And that day has arrived, according to many high-positioned men in our Military Services. And has not been an overnight accomplishment, either.

And so, UFOs are no longer Unidentified Flying Objects, but are Identified Flying Objects, and a world of our Planetary exploration will no doubt eventually be the result. One of the Officers on the Internet says that the stupendous effect Airplanes made upon the world a century ago, will be tiny in comparison. So, where will this take us? What are their plans? Whose plans?  Yours?  Mine?

Anyway, what I do say today, is real information first released at a Washington DC National Press Meeting on May 9, 2001, fifteen years ago, (Clinton left office on Jan. 1, 2001 and George W. Bush then took office) and so the USA’s entry into Space Travel is not new, but has been a hush-hush activity. The same as was the 1935-1945, Atomic Bomb research. Also silent and secret.

The USA is calling our IFOs Free Energy Fluxliner Space Craft, which travel at 1,000 miles per hour. And it is our own Military people who have explored, experimented and are now speaking of their work.

Just search the youtube or google and you will see and perhaps recognize the USA Military men, in their uniforms, telling about their connection with these new IDENTIFIED Flying Objects. And, it might be that some of the sightings we’ve had for quite a few years,  have been Fluxliners of our own.

As Will Rogers, the sage of the 1920-30-40’s said, “All I know is what I read in the Newspapers”, and I say, “All I know is what the Internet tells me,” and for some reason, the ‘lid’ on Space Craft experiments is being loosened, telling us that a giant leap in Space Travel has been taken by our nation. Further than most of us even dreamed of happening.

It is all far beyond my understanding. Such as when they tell of being able to ‘lift off’ without the rush of wind that we feel when helicopters, or planes leave the earth’s surface.   And, they use absolutely no gas, electricity or any other source of fuel that I could recognize or understand.

This blog today should and could be longer and reveal more information, and if I, Ethel, were more knowledgeable in this field it would be. But I’m not, and, dang it, I am what I am.

But what I do recognize is that our own Military Leaders are opening up and revealing in a roundabout manner, a lot of information about what they have accomplished.   And the fact that they have and will continue to work in secret, planning God knows what, it is plain common sense for both their and our protection to keep it quiet.  Who know what other stuff is going on . . .

Please tell me what I’ve missed. Which will be plenty. Good luck. And I mean for all of us. And perhaps YOU can find if they tell us where the money for such activity comes from. Did I ever vote for Fluxliners? Did you? Yeah, just as I didn’t vote for the Atomic Bomb and that stuff either.

10 thoughts on “Fluxliners and IFOs

    • Thanx, Marie. I just happen to read a lot and people send me interesting stuff on the internet. There was a Internet www label for the UFO story, but by the time I tried it . .. it had been removed. I guess too many people were using it. Oh well. thanx again.

    • Thanx, Marie. No, I’m not smart, I just read a lot, AND people sometimes send me stuff over the internet that they found interesting. Nice. Just as you make my (and Bill’s ) life much better, so does the stuff people send me. As this weekls blog. ur nabor. e.b.

  1. I like irony, there’s much we are not privy to. I’m not sure even there who “know” really have vision of what they have wrought.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zuKtZrKZ4Q

    I don’t expect the naysayers to watch all of this, but it does a good job of explaining what the government is capable of. We make so many assumptions, and believe every spoon fed out pre-programmed parents tell us, we (most of us) still blindly believe the world is a sphere.. So many places in scripture where this is debunked, plus there has Never been a Real Photograph of the earth from space. They are all NASA mockups. But enough of that, watch the video and see if a little crack of light does not shine into those dark domes of yours.

    • Hey, the video you sent in is the one I got my material from. These things do get around. Slowly, swiftly, but relentlessly we do learn what the people in DC are doing. Often too late and too liiile and the next time, too soon and too much. Oh me, but we did elect them. EB.

  3. Well Tin Foil Ted, I was with you until you said the earth is not a sphere . . . So it is flat, or a oblong or what. You have taken something plausible, the government hiding stuff from us, to something almost inane.

    Have a nice day.

    • Carlo asked what I wanted to know. Where in the Bible does it tell of the earth being other than spherical. probably not a perfect huge golf ball, SO Tin foil Ted, WHAT IS IT?

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