Life Over 60

Be aware, and don’t settle for less . . .

Now that the ‘baby boomers’ are retiring in full force, it’s said that over half of all Americans are in that ‘over 60’ group and while it puts our population out of balance, it’s not bad at all  for members of that Group.

I’ve been a member for sometime and kinda like it. Only a generation or two ago being a ‘senior’ was not an age to look forward to, but times have changed. Really changed, so grab your partner’s hand, if you’re lucky enough to still have him/her. And if not, you won’t be the only one.

First, pregnancy is no longer a concern, for while we liked that process, we’re now celebrating our grandkids, and can’t wait to have them come for an evening, or more. We also rejoice when their parents, (our grownup kids), come and get them, and we’re all happy with our unique, but changing place in the line.

One of the first gifts of seniority is that we can forget about schedules. We get up when we want, go to bed ditto, and if we want leftover pizza or pie for breakfast, well, we eat pizza or pie for breakfast. If we want to take a tray and eat out under a tree, or in bed with the TV, well, again, that’s what and where we will eat, and no explanations needed.

And now I narrow this down to myself. My partner died quite a few years ago, and what with a job I loved, and busy with friends, I chose to not marry again, and so, if I spend a whole day just reading and making meals from a well stocked freezer, augmented by the Micro, I have no guilt. And in the same vein, after years of trying to keep my yard up to Gram’s standard, I rid myself of all flower beds, let someone else mow the lawn, and . . . I . . . love . . . it.

Another bonus for we ‘over 60’s’ is never needing to justify to anyone what we buy or don’t buy. Of course we pay attention to the pocket book, but can you imagine freedom of not having to explain??? And, if I want to clean house, I clean. And if my home gets a trifle rumpled, well, it’s my house and I can grin and say, “It’s OK, Ethel,” knowing that in a day or two, Crystal will come and make sense of it all.

I like music and if it’s 24 hours of Beethoven or the same of good ole country songs, it’s my choice, and if you haven’t yet found Music Choice, go for it. Right there on TV is any kind of music you could want, with no commercials , or membership fees or joining some ‘club’. Click on Station 950, then keep going down through 949, etc. and you can make your Music Choice, and for free.

Then . . . we find ourselves changing former bedrooms into guest rooms,  office, studio, sewing room, grandkid’s playrooms, or a sun room, It’s fun. The feel of the entire house changes as we claim it for ours, and not for 3, 4, or 5 others, because those beloved ‘others’ are now grown and planning their own homes and rooms. And most of my ‘old’ furniture is welcomed by those who, not too long ago, used it all as children, and are glad to get it for their kids. Real re-cycling..

When I was a teenager, I loved being a teenager, had a ball during my 20’s, and never would I give up the years of having and helping my kids grow up. But now, we are different people, a different age, and whether   it’s you and a partner, or just you, everyone over 60 that I know is finding it good.

You’ll find so much that is unexpected and wonderful. Hair salons cater to us, restaurants put out ‘red carpets’ to lure us in. We are one of the biggest buying groups in all States, and retailers seek our favor.

Things and people, change. For us, every stage of life has been full of surprises and if you’re lucky and still have your partner, just know that is mainly the surprise gift of Health Care, almost solely the basis of all the changes I speak of. Yeah, life over 60 is good.

Your senior years will never be like your mother’s or grandmother’s and they would not recognize the opportunities now open to you. Take it all and make your over 60’s into the crowning glory of your years of work, planning, and maturing. Don’t settle for less. You earned it.

2 thoughts on “Life Over 60

  1. So very right, Ethel. Who would have ever thought that you would soon be 99 or is it 100? I can take your words as gospel truths. I am 82 and feel great. I know not everyone is as fortunate as we are, Ethel, but in some ways I think we earned it.

    Have a grandson getting married on the 23th of April and there will be mostly likely 26 from my family here (and a motel). Life is good but we never know what tomorrow will bring. Love you, neighbor.

  2. I’ve included the few paragraphs from Capt Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven. It just goes with this blog. What a wonderful perspective it gives to know those 20 or 30 years older than us. I think that’s what so fun about you. I’ve known you since I was 4 or so and look now at the nineties. What an incredible panorama of defining moments and experiences that make us–us.
    Thanx for your insight.
    I send the Twain thing on email. j

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