The Golden Ring

Pure God Stuff . . .

I’ve long been active with Utah’s metaphysical organizations, teaching or speaking at such groups and last week was pleasantly surprised when someone emailed me to comment upon a ‘talk’ I had given a decade or two ago, and as I read his words, I knew I had this week’s blog right there in my hands.

I had called my talk ‘The Golden Ring’, and my first words were to ask everyone to remove any Gold Ring they might be wearing, and to place that ring in one hand, and put the Gold in the other hand. Which of course is impossible to do, for after all, the Gold was the basic material used and the ring just the form given that Gold.

And I went on to explain that no matter how soiled that ring might be, or even if somehow it becomes crushed out of shape, until it no longer even looks like a ring, the inherent material will remain constant. Pure Gold.

And that, I continued, is what we are. You, me, everyone we look upon, our core is Golden. And, I went on, that core is glorious golden Spirit. and I call it God Stuff. That’s what we are.

And no matter how soiled, or ‘bent out of shape’ we may become in form, what nationality we are, what color our skin, or shape of our eyes, doesn’t matter, for our core, our very Being, is golden, pure ‘God Stuff.’

I taught for a few years at the State Prison, and yes, I often repeat some ‘talk’ that has had acceptance and appeal to other groups, and there, behind those steel and concrete walls, I spoke of the Golden Ring, and saw more than one man wipe away a tear or two, as they heard me repeat that no matter how twisted or bent out of shape we seem to be, or what we have done, or not done, the core of us remains pure. Like an old dirty, twisted ring , we too are Pure Gold, and nothing, absolutely nothing can change that Gold. That Pure God Stuff.

It takes a discerning eye to hold a dirty, bent-up ring in our hand, and be able to see past   the tarnished ‘facade’ and know there is uncontaminated Gold within. And many a piece of jewelry, or Person, is tossed aside as worthless while Real Gold, Pure God Stuff, lies therein.

And we must never think it too late, for it never is. The outer form constantly changes during our lifetime, but the ‘Gold’, unchanging, is always there. It is us, even from life after life. You. Me. The pure, Golden God Stuff remains ever the same.

Our skin and outer form, may be female, male, brown, white, yellow, black, or some mixture, just as Gold can be formed into a ring, pin, necklace, bracelet, and so forth, for the outer forms matter not, for they are endless, but the Gold is constant. We see only the ever-changing form, while the basic material, is changeless. Pure Gold, God in Spirit.

There are no baby Spirits; But Spirits in baby bodies.
No old worn-out Spirits; But Spirits in old worn-out bodies.
No African Spirits; But Spirits in African bodies.
No Far Eastern Spirits; But Spirits in Far Eastern Bodies.
No Criminal Spirits, But Spirits in Criminal forms.
No Handicapped Spirits, But Spirits in Handicapped bodies.
No Gay Spirits, But Spirits in Gay bodies.

Our many languages have given us so many different names, The Source, Allah, I Am, The Light, God, Spirit, so call it what we will, we know what we mean, and, no matter what  we have allowed to happen to our Human Machine, it’s only the form, and when we step from this Human body, and enter another of God’s Rooms where, with guidance, the soil and false images we’ve thought were us, will be erased and we’ll know what we are, and ever have been. Serene, unchanging, golden Spirit. Pure God Stuff.

And, the next time we glance at a Gold Ring on our finger, know that it represents You, Me, everyone else, and stand in awe to know there is no alloy or impurity in the gold or the Real Us. Just unsullied, Golden, God Stuff.

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