A Cure For Cancer? I Don’t Think So

This Time the Golden Goose will be kept alive . . .

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, our elected Leader for Four Terms,  was crippled with Polio and lived most of his adult life in a wheel chair.

The Press never showed that view of him, but he never ‘walked’ without wearing unseen, heavy braces, and a son, or some strong man at his side. It’s said that if he were alone in his private rooms, and wanted to get around, he crawled. Of course he could have had help, or used a walker, but FDR purposely chose that discipline for he feared a fire, and that no one might know and not come to help him. So he exercised and his upper body became very powerful.

Polio is no longer the crippling disease it once was, because the March of Dimes, was organized in his honor, and year after year we donated our ‘dimes’ to fight Polio, and sure enough Jonas Salk, in the early 1950’s ‘found’ the Vaccine that finally prevented that disease. And the world rejoiced.

But, there had been an awfully lot of people, organizations, hospitals, researchers and such behind that triumph and when the Salk Vaccine was made, suddenly, there was no need for any of those people, their jobs or organizations.

Yes,  the dreaded Polio was gone, a thing of the past, but as a result, thousands of people became unemployed, because scientists, doctors, and others in Research organizations, were no longer needed. The battle had been fought, conquered, and almost overnight, there were no new Polio patients, and only caretakers for those suffering with the disease were needed.

It wasn’t long before there were long  news stories telling of the stunned men and women who, over night were suddenly unemployed because the reason for their  work had been solved, and an entire industry had been made absolutely unneeded.  Polio was a thing of the past and is now only a Shot your children are casually given along with other childhood Shots for  medication.

It was then bitterly stated, and has been re-stated over and over since then, that there would never be cures ‘found’ for Cancer, Aids, HIV, and other dread diseases because too many people are earning too much money from that ‘battle’, to ever allow such a cure to be developed. Search for their cures has grown into World Wide Businesses, and they have   no plans of going out of business, either.

But I’d be willing to bet that securely, secretly and locked in deep Safes are more than one cure, shot, or method of controlling any of those dread diseases we now fear. A cure for any of those diseases would create a world wide tsunami destructive wave of people, soon unemployed in hospitals, researchers, (see above) if a cure for cancer were suddenly found.

Think about it. A world wide wave, with a domino effect upon jobs, and research groups no longer needed would arrive. Take but a quick glance at what happened with Polio, and know why there are people over the world w ho do not want that to happen again. With whatever disease.

The method is to control what is being produced. So every new method of how to control diseases is examined and automatically deemed ‘Not worth further investigation’. The idea is then purchased, and silently shelved. as ‘unusable’, locked up, and never again to see the light of day, much less on your pharmacy’s shelves.

Institutions to care for those with the disease? Yes, yes, yes.   Insurance for their care?  Yes, yes, yes. Care for their families?  Yes, yes, yes. But to get to the core of it all???? No, no, no and no.

We know that money is Power and all one need do is look back on what happened to the many medical people and research groups that once were built around Polio, and how suddenly they were dissolved into nothingness, and the answer is clear.

Succinctly, too many people are earning too much money to ever again allow cures for such wide spread diseases to appear. The world applauded Salk for developing Polio Serum . But it was a bitter/sweet triumph for the industry to take, for little by little they knew they themselves had perpetrated the entire sequence, and had no one but themselves to thank or blame for what happened. .

So, with good memories, there were those who silently swore to not let it happen again. Yeah, they killed their own Golden Goose once, and as it’s been stated, over and over again, “It will never happen again”, and so far they’ve managed to do just that.

4 thoughts on “A Cure For Cancer? I Don’t Think So

  1. Hi, this column should be put on Facebook, Twitter and every other public bulletin board. I’d love to do that. It must be brought to the public attention that we are in effect wasting an enormous amount of money, not only on research but money gathering. One of Kathy’s closest friend has devoted her life to Cancer funding. I’ve asked her several times why she continues her efforts. She answered that her social life is intertwined in that group of people.
    I beg you to do that or me. If there are credits to be given or acknowledgements to be made please advise.
    This just great! Jim wonderfully engaging.

  2. Dear Ethel:

    I would like to make you aware that anti-polio serum for several years is administered by three (3) drops of the serum on the child’s tongue. This has made it possible for Rotary International, through its world wide connections to immunize children around the world from polio.

    Dr. Bruce Parsons

    • Thanx, You, both as a Doctor and a Rotarian, are in a position to know these changes. Thanks for letting me, and all readers also aware of the progress. Ethel

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