In The Beginning

We are all a bit silly, thinking We Are The Center Of It All . . .

I was a child when I heard the Bible’s first words, “In the beginning God created heaven and earth’,  and to me that meant this valley circled by the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains, with its covering dome of the sun, moon, and stars. And I was content. Heaven and Earth. Right here. Good.

Of course my knowledge grew, and now I know that heaven and earth continue into distances never then imagined, and the more we learn, the more we know that what is ‘out there’, is not new. This far-flung world we live upon has been here since The Big Bang, and just because none of us knew it, doesn’t make one bit of difference. It is here. Always been here, and it’s good.

Columbus changed our concept of heaven and earth back in the 15th century; Magellan did the same as he circled the world, and when we saw Neil Armstrong take that small step onto the Moon, we shivered and knew another ‘boundary’ of Space had been scaled.

We no longer wonder if there are Beings ‘out there’. for now we know.  ‘Bodies’ (and never an explanation as to, ‘what kind of bodies’), remained after that Texas UFO crash. The event was immediately CLOSED DOWN to Everyone. And that meant ALL, including , police, doctors. all news sources, TV, Radio, innocent victims, owners of the land it lit upon, and on and on. All sworn to Absolute Silence. And the penalties stiff.

But, everything that was found and survived from that crash, (and it was said to be a lot) is now at Nevada’s Area 51, the most famous, secret Military Installation in the World. And that secret Area 51 was built for the sole purpose of examining, and caring for those UFO crash remains.

And moreover, we also know that those UFO people are far more intellectually advanced than we are,  because they found and ‘called upon’ us, at the time when we were first becoming  aware of their presence,  and seriously began wondering what MIGHT ‘be out there’. I can only guess the questions, answers, and wonders of what we learned and are learning in Area 51. It has to be awesome.  Frightening?.

I, a very average person, am baffled because, as we explore, we are constantly surprised in finding that Space extends far beyond where we ever expected. The heavens and the earth exist, and  have existed, ever since In The Beginning. At one time I, as a child, didn’t know there was an Africa, but what I knew and didn’t know did not matter. Africa was and always had been there. It was part of God’s creation and so are the Beings that inhabit those far off places in Space, and who found us. And whether we like it or not, they are here, and are a part of that primal act of God’s Creation of Heaven and Earth..

Remember, when we hear of dangerous actions in some part of our Earth World, we send forces to go find out ‘what’s going on over there’.  We want to put a stop to foolish activities. So, who knows? Just maybe the UFO people might have been surprised, alerted and alarmed at the time of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And just maybe those we call Aliens were sent. and continue to be sent, to determine what is going on in this corner of Space. Who knows? It’s the same protective kind of  actions we take.

And, it just might be that they want to save us from problems they, perhaps long ago, met, and conquered.

It is all the same Space (God’s Heaven and Earth) and I am boggled at where my mind is taking me. For step by step, it then follows that those UFO pilots are also God’s creations, and so belong to our ultimate Family. They are our kin.

We have been slow in realizing that no matter what color the skin, shape of eyes, land of origin, those ‘odd’ people who live down the street, or from what we call outer Space. It’s all part of God’s Heaven and Earth, and so a part of Our family. And, as such, it is good.

I can’t be the first or only one to have such thoughts, and so I reach out to hear from you. Thanks, and a reply is not required,  but would really be great…

4 thoughts on “In The Beginning

  1. Always find your blogs interesting and each time I find something new about you – that is the part I love most, that you are continually learning and sharing the information. Thanks you. Got back for New Orleans last night – granddaughter;s wedding.

    • I knew you were off someplace, and hoped it was a good place, with good people and good laughter and joy. And you were, Yeah, Marie, I have a wandering mind and sometimes muse on my Next Room, hoping and knowing it will give me the opportunity for more of the same.. You’re great. ethel

  2. Our youngest, Kolene, as a kid received all the warnings re talking to strangers. But she approached strangers as UFOs. She’d walk up to a person and simply say, “Hi, my name is Kolene!” They, startled, would say “Hi” back, and of course, they were no longer strangers. Taking the U from UFO is as simple as that.
    Now, I believe in UFOs, but I don’t believe the UFO is Extraterrestrial. The money spent on the Search for Extraterrestrials is an incredibly colossal waste of resources. It should be called Search for Identifying the Unidentified.
    The monumental time and distances required to get from even the closest habitable planet is so enormous that there would be no time to ‘discover the Earth, determine that it should be visited, develope the technology, travel the distance just to crash on the New Mexican desert. If “they” were smart or intelligent enough to haven gotten here a mere malfunction would not have been a problem.
    Next question: Why? Of all the planets in the universe why would any ET choose to,come HERE? What is so unique about our planet that it would be chosen for such an enormous expenditure of time and resources. I just don’t think of all the possible destination that an advanced civilization could choose from that they would pick this one. Our history is not particularly attractive with war, disease, learning curve, health level, developement of technology and ignorance prejudice and other maladies of existence. Unless, of course, they might of thought they could apply some fix to prevent our killing it off.
    Given all that I still like H.G. Wells, Bourroughs, etal. They have written wonderful stories that engage our imaginations and stretch our thoughts to inventing things that make our life easier and fun.
    In all, I like your concept of enlarging our knowledge thru experience and learning. Curiosity is one our most engaging attribute and ‘discovering ‘Africa’ or that Columbus wasn’t the first to discover the Americas is the enlarging the circle of our knowledge to our benefit. It’s the enlarging our vistas that makes us want more than we have now. And, give us the memories of the discovery.

    • You’re right JIm, that crash didn’t happen in Texas. Oh, well, doesn’t make too much difference now. It happened, and all the resr followed. Your responses are always great. Wonder if Bill Bodine read it. He called the other day, and all is well with him. Ethel

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