Wake Up

Waking up, my way . . .

Sometimes there’s a moment when we awaken, but are still in that indescribably comfortable fetal position. where not a muscle moves, yet we know our sleep time is over…

It’s a priceless moment. Doesn’t happen often, so don’t be in a hurry. The Mind is very awake, but, at the same time, we see the body as a dormant ‘thing apart’ and know that the two have not yet become One for the day. It’s an odd happening, that of actually seeing, and experiencing our dual makeup. So take time to explore what’s going on. It’s all us, and we know it, but incredibly, we so seldom actually see our duality.

However, we also know it’s time to get up, but that fetal position is so wonderful we hate to break the spell.

So, begin to slightly wiggle your toes. No, NOT the foot, just the Toes. And not another muscle in your body, (when did we become one?) and the luxury of sleep only a breath away. But then, even as we watch the toes, slightly moving, we’re surprised to find that our fingers are stirring, too. Not the hands, not the feet, but although we didn’t tell our fingers to move, they are. What gives???

I’ve been told there is a relationship between our muscles. I don’t know how or why, but begin with just your toes, and soon we’ll find our fingers begin to move, then our hands. Our feet. And with no planning, maybe a shoulder will tense and relax, and then the other one.

Anyway within 5 or so minutes our entire body has stretched and relaxed. We are no longer in the fetal position, yet still on our back. The body and mind have fully made their connection, and all the result of just wiggling a toe or two.

It’s the neatest way to waken to the day that’s ever been invented. And who did invent it? The body? Mind?

Doesn’t matter, for we’re still in bed, stretched out on our backs, the covers are still around us, and, for me, this is the time, when without thinking of doing so, my arms reach up over my head, and as each arm stretches, I find the fingers stretch too, then the other hand and we’re awake and even might find ourselves yawning once or twice

Ok, ok, now clasp the hands over your chest, touching your chest, with one hand a fist and the other holding the fist. Push the right hand with the left hand resisting the movement, and then switch hands and push and resist the other way. You’re stretching the arm muscles to strengthen them.  No hurry, do it slowly.

And then do the same with the legs. Still on your back, bend and bring your feet close to your ‘sit down’ muscles. Clasp your hands around the left knee, and pull it up to your chin and then do the same with your other leg. We’re strengthening our body, and  though we’ve never yet left the bed yet, we’ve awakened every muscle in our body. Feels great, too.

And while I’m at this ‘healthy way to start to the day’ I remember what a doctor told me about weight.  Yeah, during pregnancies, doctors stress this for women. What he said was, go to the grocery store and pick up a ten-pound sack of sugar. Yeah, it’s heavy, and you’ll probably use both hands to do it. BUT THEN, pick up another, and dang it, it’s hard to hold two 10-pound sacks of sugar, but if we’re 20 pounds over weight, that’s what we’re carrying around.

And then just think if we’re 30 or 40 pounds over weight. Try, right there in the grocery store, carrying 3 or 4 ten-pound sacks of sugar. NO??? Well if we’re thirty pound over weight, the good doc said, think about it as carrying three ten pound sacks of sugar. And yet we all do it.

Well, enuff ‘body stuff’ for today, but the method of waking in the a.m. works and the ten Pound sack of sugar idea, is, in another way, a real awakener, too.

Who knows what I’ll write about next week, but for today??? Why not think about that body you walk around in.   It’s the only one you’ll ever get and replacements aren’t given out. So, let’s be kind to the one we have, from our first breath in the a.m. to when we crawl in again at night. Have a good one, I try, why not join me?

5 thoughts on “Wake Up

  1. I’ve heard of this method before and have tried it a few times. However, your toe hand connection runs thru the bladder, and any real stretching requires a less relaxed way of awakening, rather it instills in me, at least, an urgency that cannot be denied. Sooo, a quick stretch of the arm to throw the covers off and a purposeful stride to the facility. Ok, maybe a quick step or even sometimes a run, all of which covers the subject of exercise. A few moments of relaxation and off to dress.

    • Jim, you are ‘something else’ for sure. I look forward to your words, and often wish you’d write more. Fern would cringe at your bathroom refreences, but she and I have/had a different mind set, and mine is more like yours. Have a good one. e.b.

  2. Ethel,
    I am sorry if I am breaking in to a private thing, but found your ‘Window”” so here I am. Your words on the muscles of the body being intertwined explained a lot to me. Thought I had a weird body. I do a lot of walking and found that my arms move in the same length of my steps, the speed and all else as I walked. I tried to control my arms to a different rhythm than my legs and couldn’t make it work. If I strode briskly with long steps, my arms followed suit, and what ever change I made in my legs was followed immediately by my arms. I thought it was just something funny with my body, but now I know it happens to all. Sorry for butting in, but I like how you think but this time I took a chance. Keep your ‘Window'” open. You have a good view. Often I have

    • Hope I got all of your answer, but your thoughts were good. Yeah, we all have weird bodies, but as I said, there are no ‘returns or exchanges’. And you’re welcome any week. Nothing private at all. Ethel

  3. I’m going with Jim’s bladder centered view on this one. Pretty soon after the stillness of sleep wears off and the body starts moving, the next big thing is using the facility. After that, anything can happen.

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