The Lights Of My Life

Lights of the Entire World
With thanks to Debbie Crane

Sometimes I search for thoughts and words to send “Out My Window”, and then  sometimes they come to me through my open door. And, this week, here are words that came that way.

Debbie and her husband Kevin Crane, of Murray, Utah, came to my home, and as they were preparing to leave, she handed me, with apologies, these words. And as I read them, I knew they needed no apologies.

They are lovely and I give them to you. The Lights of Debbie’s, and our, lives. Enjoy.

The Lights of My Life

In my youth
darkness was my fear-
the small light
at the end of the bed
gave comfort.

The great outdoor smells
so wonderful to me-
the fire is warm and soothing
how good it feel on my face.

The sun changes the shape
of the fears of the night-
The world is bright and
clear as the darkness turns to day

Holding hands as we walk
along the beautiful beach
in the twilight
The large golden globe in the sky
gives a glow to the landscape.

One light has given more illumination
and comfort than all the rest.
The Light that gives all things-
Jesus Christ, LIGHT to the World!
Eternal LIGHT
The greatest light of all!

by Debbie Lynne Crane

4 thoughts on “The Lights Of My Life

  1. Yeah, every once in a while our perspective is given a shake. It brings back what we ought to be thinking rather than the immediacy of life.

    • You’re right, but getting right down to what really is right, it’s not the everyday stuff. Debby took us right down or UP to what is important. Good to hear from you. Tell claudette HI for me. e.b.

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