Notes From My Refrigerator Door


I died as a rock and was born as soil,

I died as soil and was born a plant.

I died as a plant and was born an animal.

I died as an animal and was born a human.

I will die as a human

And become One with The Source.

(There may be millions  (billions?) of lives at each stage, but evolution is eternal)


Courage doesn’t always roar.

Sometimes it’s the quiet voice

At the end of the day, saying

“I will try again to-morrow.”


         The Masters are returning to earth, but they are coming unannounced. One might be on a lonely farm in some far off country. Any country. Any color skin. A taxi driver. Any degree of education. Waiting upon you in a store. Maybe a leader in some small church. They are everywhere.

         Monasteries are becoming empty, but Masters and their disciples are springing up everywhere, like mushrooms in some moist field. We do not find them because they do not want to be found.


Be careful how you live.

You may be the only Bible

Someone else will ever ‘Read’.


There isn’t God and you

It is always God as you.

And you are That.  Right now.


Life is the only Reality.

Death is but a process in Infinite Life.

And it is not that the dead will live again,

Rather, that those who Live . . . . shall never die.



1. The Man (Woman)

2. The Message

3. The Movement

4. The Monument

5. The Money

6. The Museum Piece

   The further the Teaching grows away from the First   Message, the more hidden That Message becomes,  and is the reason why new Teachings are constantly being  born, as people strive to eliminate all the confusion of rules and regulations and get back to that first, sweet Message of Loving God,  ourselves and each other.



One thought on “Notes From My Refrigerator Door

  1. Some stuff on my ‘fridge door . . .

    Remember to Live deliberately

    True joy comes from giving. Remember to give.

    Lowes: garbage bags, broom, 60w bulbs

    Replace garage night light

    There are no accidents, we reap what we think and do.

    Be still and know god

    Call Ethel

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