Free Room, Board, and Medical Care

But the victims are long forgotten by the system . . .

       A few weeks ago I wrote of prisons and prisoners, and quite a number of you ‘clicked’ in and it didn’t surprise me, for more of our tax money goes there than we might think.

       Ten or so years ago, I read that the Government was building several huge prisons and long-time inmates, from all 50 States, would be sent there.

       And, unsaid, but taken for granted, that you and I would continue to ‘foot the bills’. And cost of the new prisons, too.

       The prisons were to be the Final Cells for  ‘Lifers’, who had developed Alzheimer’s and Dementia and had needs far beyond what could be given by regular prison staff. They needed and each year more ot them need, Care Center.

       What bothers me, is that there are thousands of men and women who need the attention only Care Centers can give, and yet cannot afford it. They may have done nothing more illegal than Run a Red Light, or caught Speeding, and yet prisoners, guilty of violent crimes, are now getting such Care, with absolutely no charge to them. We pay the price, not only for that care, but the new prisons, medical staff, medications and procedures..

       If you didn’t read my words of a week or so ago, titled Finding a Home,  In Prison, go back and bring it up. In it I told that at least 75 % of the men over 45, bluntly stated they had never had it so good as they did in Prison.

       First time they’d ever had three meals a day, a place to sleep, rest rooms, clean clothes, and often the first time ever getting Doctor, Dental or Eye care. They repeatedly stated, if ever ‘put out’ (never ever using the word Released) they would commit some crime the very next day so they could get back in.

       Recidivism???   Yes, and according to those men of 45, 50 or older of age, much of it is coldly planned. No accidents.

       Adding to the utter unfairness of this plan, is knowing that many of the people they robbed, or relatives of those they killed, cannot afford the kind of medical care that the culprits who did the deeds, are getting, and Free of Charge. Yeah, they were right. They never had it so good.

       It’s true that prisons, the same as private homes, were not built to provide hospital care, and the average ‘outside’ person, who has good Insurance, is lucky. But remember, the ‘ outside’ person, worked and paid for it, while prisoners get it for free.  At least to them.

       We put them there for Life and it’s taken for granted that their needs are taken care of.   And with the good care they get, their life span is long.

       It’s now a fact that the aged criminals are better cared for than many ‘on the Outside’.  Who can say what the answer is, but it’s unfair that the person who killed and raped anyone who ever got in their way, is living a life of ease, so to speak, while their ‘victims’ would appreciate a fraction of that ‘free’ care.

       The prisoners, culprit, murderer, killer. raper, call them what you will, all stated the truth, when they would say, we’ve never had it so good.. Perhaps in a civilized world there is no civilized answer, but to me, there’s something wrong with the way it now is.

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  1. I sure wish we had an answer… in my opinion there are way too many free-loaders out there right now… just not in prison. Maybe every time I see the Murray Softball field and the rock work there, I think of the good work that was done.

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