Give Christmas Back To The Kid

Listen to that Kid . . .

The Wise Guys tell me Christmas is Kid Stuff
And just maybe they’ve got something there.
Two thousand years ago
Three Wise Guys
Chased a Star across a whole continent to bring
Frankincense and Myrrh to a Kid
Who was born in a manger with an Idea in his head.
And today
As the bombs crash and there is terror over the world
The real Wise Guys know that we all must
Again go chasing Stars
In the hopes that we can get back some of that
Long ago Kid Stuff
That was born two thousand years ago.
Frank Horne, 1942

Isn’t that great? Imagine: Three Wise Guys saw a star followed it and found a Kid. A Kid with such an inborn Idea that it changed the whole world. Their world. Your world.  My world.

Three Wise Guys found a Babe, (we call them Kids) and that Kid had an Idea within Himself that nothing or no one has ever been able to change. hide, disguise, or forget.

And from very first, to very last That ‘Kid’ was:
Ever Pure.
Ever Wise
Ever Free.

And, it’s good to remember that those Wise Guys weren’t The Big Story, and would not be known two thousand years later, except for their one task which they did so well. The job of following their Star to find the way to The Kid, and presenting Him with the gifts they brought. They let you, me, and all others, know that there WAS such a glorious, world-changing story. That there is that Kid, and that It dwells within each one of us.

We remember them as we “Follow our Star”, for there we also will find Christ. A Christ that will receive our gifts, and then we will go our new way. as new People. Sounds so simple. and it is simple.  But it’s not easy.

For, difficult to believe and remember, but you and I and everyone else has a Star if we will pay attention, find and follow it. Right straight to that Kid who dwells within.

I wouldn’t be writing these words, and you wouldn’t be reading them if we hadn’t seen, read, heard about, or sensed our Star and heard the message that  has taken us from our very prosaic life into an inner pathway that is ours to follow.

We found something . . . or Something found us . . that made us know there is more to life than what our five senses can bring.

We have sometimes ignored it, belittled it, and tried to put it aside.  We sense that  if we   follow  the Star’s gentle, ever-present Presence, our entire  lives will  change.  And,  fearful of  any unfamiliar change, we so often allow  fear to be our master and not ‘hear’ our Star.

My Star began prodding me a long time before I recognized and began listening and heeding It.

But inexorably,  Something, my Star, your Star, has stirred us until we know the Kid was not only in Bethlehem, but within each one of us, and we are just lucky (blest?) enough to have heard It.

In the long run, it doesn’t matter what happens to this body called Ethel, but just the same something nudged me, made me aware of The Kid within, and made Ethel’s goal to be the best grown-up Kid that she can be.

Many decisions that have come to me have been decided by silently moving to a place of quiet where I could ‘listen’ to that Kid within and my choices have not changed the world, but they have changed Ethel’s world. And I am grateful.

      This Christmas, as best I can, I’m going to try to be a Wise Guy, follow my Star, and again find and communicate with The Kid. The real Kid that dwells within us all and is ever wise, ever pure, ever free.

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