Ethel’s Creed

A friend leaned against my Bulletin Board (read refrigerator) and said,  “Hey, you have good stuff here. Why not put it on your Blog?” I acted as if I didn’t hear him, but as he kept on talking about it, I figured     “Why not?” So here are words he read. Words I see and read, each day.

It is so simple, and so few words needed.
My Consciousness has never associated
Itself with this very temporary body.
Before I came on earth
I was the Same.
I lived in a child’s body, but I was the Same.
I grew into womanhood, but there was no change in Me.
I remained the Same.
When it was time for this body
To marry and have children, I joyously did so,
But I remained the Same.
And although this body has lived, worked and matured
I am still the Same.
Throughout eternity,
Though the Dance of Creation changes everything around Me,
I shall ever remain the Same.
Ethel Ohlin Bradford circa 1990
– – – – – – – – – – – –
There is an Essence.
It existed before Heaven and Earth were Created,
It is not male or female
It is not good or evil, night or day
It is not God, Allah, or Buddha.
For there was Essence before names or language came into being.
It just Is. The Source of ALL.
Everything comes from this Essence.
I rejoice in its Power,
Knowing that all I see, hear, feel, taste, or smell,
Even my ‘enemy’ or myself
Is that Essence.
– – – – – – – – – – – –
Beyond all ideas of opposites,
Beyond all wrong-doing or right-doing
There is a Place.
When the Soul rests in that Place
All ideas, languages, and even the phrase, ‘each other’
Make no sense.
We came from there and someday
We’ll meet in that Place again.
Rumi, 1600 A.D. Persian Poet
– – – – – – – – – –
Silence is the language of God. All else is poor interpretation.
– – – – – – – – – –
Some people die before they’re dead,
And lie in homemade coffins
Eaten alive by regrets
For songs not sung, seas not sailed,
Love not earned or given.
They are living in their own Hell
While waiting for Heaven.
Author unknown, but came my way via good Doctor. R. M.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
When you come to a Red Sea place in your life
And in spite of all you can do
There is no way back, there is no way round,
The only way is through,
Then trust in the Lord with Faith Supreme
Though the wind and the waves blow high.
He will calm the waves
He will still the wind
As He says to your Soul, “Go On”.
– – – – – – – – – –
May The Source bless you

4 thoughts on “Ethel’s Creed

  1. Good for you. Hurrah’s for you,too. A couple of your quotes were familiar to me, yours is great, and I love that one about people dying before they’re really dead. Keep going. Stan. Mc.

  2. Last week I almost sent you some thoughts about your “Superstition” column, but was too lazy to do so. But, your exquisite words of today, right on top of last week’s, jarred me into replying. Ethel, think about it: one group’s words, acts, and icons, are Truth to them; yet people , of another group, see them as pagan idols. And vice versa. What’s the old saying? One man’s poison is another man’s delight?

    So I thank you for today’s thoughts, and gently chide you for last week’s mis-interpretation. (see the great one=liner you gave us to-day). I’ve followed your words from way back in the old Murray Green Sheet days. Keep writing, we keep reading.

    Regards, Juan

  3. Thanx, Juan. You really ‘got’ me. As Shakespeare said, “Hoist by my own Petard”. And that was my fate between the two blogs. I plead guilty. e.b.

  4. Going back to your blog on Superstitions, well, I watch the Cooking Programs on tv a lot, and cook after cook, man or woman, will toss a pinch of salt over their sh oulder as they work. Why??? I dunno, but it fits in with superstitions, I betcha.

    Keep your blogs coming. I like today’s. The Red Sea Place in our lives, yes, yes, I’ve had them over and over. thank you. Dawna,

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