Prison Solution: A Desert Isle

Why not send them all to some isolated island?

         When some subject gets stuck in my mind there’s nothing I can do except keep writing about it until I’m ‘written out’. And now, it ‘s me and people in prison or jail. In fact, the point’s been reached that when I hear of someone being put in jail or prison, for any length of time, I cringe.  
          Nor that I condone what they did, but, just consider:  every time someone is imprisoned,  your taxes go up.  Whether County, City, State or Federal,  it matters not.  We,  meaning  you, begin paying, right then and there, for their three times a day meals, and while it isn’t high class, it’s far better than many homeless person eats.  And it’s put on  your Tab.. 
          If in prison, everything they use is paid by you,  and the majority of the men (I didn’t teach at the women’s center) said they’d never lived better. Three meals a day, clean clothes, a bed, dentist and doctor’s care,  (often for the first time in their lives) operations if needed, recreation, a place to worship, books to read or study, and, when old and needing special care they get it. Plus the heated buildings, nurses, and all the stuff that you, perhaps can’t afford, yet  you are paying all that for them. .
          So you get ‘hit’ twice.  Once when you or someone close is robbed, killed, embezzled, raped or whatever,  and secondly you’re  charged for all their expenses and often for the rest of their life.  Huge ‘prison hospitals’   have been built to care for the old and helpless prisoners and is  paid for by you, as well as for every brick used to build them, all upkeep and the nurses, doctors and their equipment.
          I wish there were an answer.   I know a Dentist, Eye Doctor, and Medical physician who give their time and talent as an offering to those in prison.  And yet, (I repeat myself, but just can’t help it), there are thousands on the ‘outside’ who have never broken a law, but can’t afford  such  needed care. Yet you pay for getting a  prisoner’s every ache or pain diagnosed, followed by the care for whatever is found, and at the end of it all,  you pay for their burial expenses,  too.
         Then there’s the job of making our License Plates.  It is a prison job  and the men are paid for that work.  Yes, they must have a good Prison record, but there are non-criminals who would like that job, low wages or not.  It would be a job.
          Prisoners break our laws.  They kill or rape our loved ones. They swindle us out of our savings for their unlawful investments.  They break  into our homes and rob us of not only valuables, and jewelry, cameras, TV, computers, etc, but often,  so very often,  simply tear, shred or destroy all they see, vandalize what they don’t take, throwing cherished china against the wall to destroy them,  open drawers, rip needed paper records, old wedding licenses, pictures, and birth certificates. They simply vandalized in their fury. 
          And then after destroying lives,  you  pay for a trial, for an attorney to defend  them,  and their ‘board and room’ while this is going on. And then, you  take over their living expenses for  the length of their sentence.  And when they get out,  with no job,  you provide places where homeless, and they are in that class, can sleep, get free meals.
          More than one prisoner, (usually those over 45 or 50)  in my classes said, and not joking, that if freed from the prison, the first thing they’d do is commit another crime so they would be sent right back.
          Every step of the way, You pay for their every need.   If you know the answer, tell someone who can make a difference.  And I’m only half serious, but why not send them all to some isolated island.  Give them seeds, tools and what it takes to make a life and then forget they’re there.  That would be justice.  I think.

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