Sex, Same Yesterday As Today

But now, the details just get published sooner

          During the last dozen years or so, every bit of news tells us of some person with some high title has been found guilty of sexual misconduct. Generals, Presidents, coaches of great colleges, world-wide newspaper owners, etc. They resign after bringing ‘disgrace’ to their families and whatever organization they have controlled.
          We wonder if we have looser morals than by-gone times, or the media has found that there is big money to be made in gossip, and they want it.
           Now, this could be a long, long list, but I’m going to be picky and start with George Washington, our Country’s Father.  He never had a child, ’tis said, probably sterile, but, if his sperm had been ‘good’, it’s also said that, as a young man, surveying the wilderness and often with native Indians, that there would be many an American Indian with his DNA, just as there are  African Americans with Jefferson’s. 
           Thomas just happened to not be sterile.  He also lived at a time, when loving Sally Hemings, a woman who, as his black slave was frowned upon, but most ordinary.  She went to Europe with him, had his children, and at his death their children were freed and Sally lived with his lawful daughter, not as a servant or slave, but as a free woman.
           There are many ‘big’ ones.  Lyndon Johnson was right active and half in anger said, “I had more women by accident that Kennedy had by appointment.”  Jealous, see.
           Okay, get down to the ones that today’s scandal sheets would love. 
           Buchanan never married and openly lived with a male former U.S. Vice-President for decades.  Of course, we all know that J. Edgar Hoover, the first overseer of the FBI was gay, and his employees, per his orders, dug into the sex lives of powerful people, (as JFK’s) and blackmailed them to keep their silence about him with threats of telling the public of what he knew of them.  Yeah, a real nice guy.
        Poor cuss Bill Clinton publicly lied about his problems and almost got impeached, not for the sexual stuff, but for the lies.   Wilson, the WW I ‘preacher’ president, had too many year’s ‘friendships’ with two separate women.
        Okay, Cleveland fathered a daughter while Prexy, and she later made a good living with a book about her life as his daughter. Eisenhower, according to his WW II chauffer and mistress in England and Europe was practically impotent, but loved her and he wrote to his boss General George Marshall, that he planned a divorce.  But General and Prexy Truman, his bosses, gave him hell, not for loving the young woman, but for wanting a divorce and told him to forget all about a divorce, and get busy with his Job of taking back Europe from Hitler, or else! And he did.
          The two Bush Prexies enjoyed illegal sex all around the world and from three (more?) nationalities.  The son learned from the Father who had a Chinese mistress from way back when he was stationed in China, and the son, openly had a Black woman, many others, and finally his wife smiled and sat with him, only for the cameras.
          Reagan’s Hollywood days were the same as those of young men-about-that-town today.  Nancy, his wife and Frank Sinatra were a ‘thing’ and he, along with Jack Benny and George Burns, spent many a pre-presidential time with the ‘weed’, marijuana.  All just good clean preparation for a weekend of sex.
          And there’s a good joke about Calvin and Grace Coolidge and a chicken farm, which is too long, and I am a nice lady, but was laughed (roared) at, and told (not written) by every reporter there.  Yeah, pious as ‘silent’ Cal looked, the two knew the variables of sex well.
          Andrew Jackson got bad publicity for marrying a woman before her divorce was final, and the rumor (?) persists that Harding’s wife put the poison in the fish dish that killed him, after finding out about his 15 year old daughter who was not her daughter.  The speedy burial was performed within a day, as they traveled in the northwest U.S. on their way back from Alaska.
          Get out the books and laugh with me, for I’m tempted to go on and on.  But as I said, I’m a nice lady and just grin when, with today’s instant news, it’s all told in Bold Face, 10 pt. print.  Nothing’s any different than centuries ago, it’s just that today, we know the details almost as it happens.
Oh, you say this is Thanksgiving?  I know, I know, but the media makes such a shambles of it, that I celebrate it my way, and write of something else.  Makes not a whit of difference and my words are more fun.

2 thoughts on “Sex, Same Yesterday As Today

  1. This is outragous! What is wrong is that the moral fiber of America is on the fast decline, and the election of Obama proves it. I don’t know where you got all that false information except for old yellow journalism tabliods, but those presidents had a moral fiber and goodness that ones today cannot even fathom. What scourlous poppycock to even mention a presidents name in the context of anumal sex. I am outraged and think you have fallen very far off the path God set for us! We should all lond for the days of morally straight and upright politicians as we once had, but now sorely miss. I’ll bet you have not seen the inside of a church for a LONG time. God bless you in spite of your blasphemous writings, and me he save your soul from a long hell for publishing such drivel and evil. I am shocked and may Never read this blog again.

    • Thanks a lot for your words. It’s good to know there are people who care enough to speak out . Check Google and find much more. People are people, no matter when they lived or live. ethel

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