The Power of Money

The Four (or seven) M’s

A few years ago I planned to write about the many Spiritual Belief Systems that have come and gone and made a list of the pathway taken by every religion that I knew of, no matter where, or when.

My list was:

  • 1. The Man (Woman)  
  • 2. The Message
  • 3. The Movement
  • 4. The Monument 

At the same time I was getting an eye examination by Dr. Bruce J. Parsons, at his Murray Vision Center.  Our conversation, as usual roved hither and yon, and with the Four Steps freshly on my mind, I casually brought them up.  Parsons listened, went on with his work, but within a moment laughed and told me I’d left out a quite vital “M”, namely Money, and the changes it brings with it.

It took little thought to realize how right he was, and in that moment, my Fourth Step became Money; and the gulf from the original pure, simple Message grew wider.

I had kept my list to Spiritual Systems only, but the good Doc noted that those same Steps ring true whether it’s a new Nation, Business, Politics,  Fraternal Club, Social group, or whatever.

The kind of group, he added, matters not, but the larger the group, the more money is involved; more money brings more rules and soon more rigid rules.

For some reason, I forgot my ideas of the Four M’s and they remained tucked away in my computer, but then, not too long ago, I was  watching TV where people were speaking of the coming Olympics and a former Gold Medalist was asked if the Games had changed much since he had participated almost a half-century before.

His answer, voice and entire demeanor changed so abruptly that I quickly was all attention.  “There’s no comparison,” he stated.  “Then the Games were a gathering of the world’s best athletes, competing, yes, but joyously reaching out to each other and we experienced that same bonding those ancient Greeks spoke about.  

“Today the Games are Big Business and all attempts to make them seem like the ancient Games is just a veneer for Advertising and Public Relations.  Pure hype and nothing else.

“It was ‘back then’ that Corporations realized what a money-making opportunity was right in front of them, and suddenly Big Business went to the Olympics hand-in-glove with the athletes and their equipment.

“Today, almost every competing Athlete is an ’employee’ under contract, has a manager, their careers planned and controlled by Experts.  No matter what their plans might once have  been, now their every move must be okayed by Management, and what Management says, is what they do.  Any deal with ‘buying and selling’ the athletes name, etc. goes through that office before the Athlete even hears about it.  

He continued, “A young man won a Gold Medal at the last Games, was overjoyed and told me that within a few short hours he had been offered many millions of dollars for his endorsement, and then as he waited for my congratulations, he grinned and laughingly asked how that compared to what I had earned.

“His eyes sparkled with Dollar Signs and it was evident his Gold Medal was great, but it had really been just the necessary stepping stone to reach those Dollars. Right then I knew that The Olympics were now “Olympics Incorporated.”

The MC then asked, “Do you think it will ever change back?”  The Veteran Gold Medal winner shrugged, “Nothing’s impossible, but it’s unlikely.  Oh, there’s constant complaining, but it’s hard to fight such huge amounts of money.”  He shook his head and went no further.

I shivered as they spoke because I knew I was hearing words that I had pondered over a few years back.  My thoughts had entirely about Belief Systems, not athletes, but I began considering, how, over and over again,  the misuse of Money’s Power has caused many beautiful Messages or Organizations, to become sterile Monuments.  Memories.

So, unearthing my original notes and with a more open mind and a few wise words  from Dr. Parsons, I made changes to my list, and now it is:

  • 1. The Man (Woman)
  • 2. The Message
  • 3. The Movement
  • 4. The Money and how it’s used
  • 5. The Monument
  • 6. The Museum Piece
  • 7. The Memory

There have been many in the Spiritual realm who have rebelled, some more successfully than others, but to name a few, there are Martin Luther, Mary Baker Eddy, John Wesley, and Joseph Smith.

Not a one of these brave men/women had any reason to speak out until the original Message had been changed, sold, or otherwise twisted so far from its beginnings that a new voice was welcomed, and a surge to get back to the original Message began anew.  We should rejoice that Burning at the Stake had long been illegal.

People have left homes, families and countries to seek, and find again, that First Message, a purity that became lost when Money, used in a greedy manner, entered the arena.  Check it out for yourself.

It ‘s not easy, because money seems necessary for any organization, but unless kept under a tight leash, it can undermine and eventually destroy the very organization it was meant to sustain.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Money

  1. Wow, so true. When the message is deep and rings the bell inside many people, as they see the truth of it, they attract the attention of others. These others may not really understand the meaning of the message, but they know it is important because of the excitement being brought forth. Then the ones with pure hearts follow along, to try and find out the truths, but others, for more base motivations, follow along to get the more worldly fame and fortune.

    Pretty soon they are selling trinkets for God, and specialized clothing so folks can prove their belief to others. Or perhaps building new wings to the Church Building so they can go to Heaven.

    Worse yet when the message becomes so rigid and far from the original meaning, it becomes dogmatic and heads roll (or excommunications occur in courts of love) for the non believers. When the money flow is impeded, sacrifices must be made.

    Good job! Keep writing.

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