Cloud, Cloud, Go Away . . .

Be a kid again and give it a try.  It works

The sky outside my kitchen window was wonderful blue and I found myself watching the big globs of white clouds against that clear sky and suddenly was 10 years old again. Ten years old and playing that ages old childhood game of ‘making the clouds disappear.’ And, I’m glad to report, it still works.

Later on I was telling a few others about it and was astounded to find that their childhood hadn’t held that game. They really didn’t believe me, and laughed as if I were crazy, but danged if three of them didn’t call me during the week saying things like…My gosh, Ethel, it works… Hey, it really does make them disappear…or, Ethel, I thought you were crazy, but by golly you were right. You can make them go away.

I laughed and said, you know, every kid I grew up with did it. No big deal, it just was a fun game to play when there was nothing else to do on a nice sunny day.

But then, because it was new to so many of them, I thought that maybe some of you don’t know about it either, and, dang it,  no one should grow up and never know how to make clouds disappear. Here’s all there is to it.

Get outside on a nice day like one we had day last month when the sky is full of big and small white clouds. A nice hot summer day is best, or at least more comfortable, but it works in winter just as well,  but for heaven’s sake don’t try it on a storm cloudy day ‘cause you won’t be able to do it. Oh, I know the Indians can control those big rain clouds but they must know some secret I don’t. Nope, I don’t even try to compete with them. At all.

But, anyway, find a nice lil ole cloud. For beginners try just a little wiff of a one. One standing all by itself so you won’t get all confused when it begins to disappear, and you begin to wonder if you’re still looking at the one you began with.

Okay, now look at it. Look at it hard, for one, two or three minutes. Concentrate on it, and not get caught up in wondering what you must do later on.  We kids would chant silly things like…cloud, cloud, go away…but it isn’t necessary. It just made us feel great.

But concentrate on that little cloud and mentally tell it to go away. Keep your eyes on it with concentration and darned if, little by little, it does begin to disintegrate right there before your eyes.

Course, there are all kinds of explanations nowadays. I’ve read recently that we send out heat by our concentration and that heat reaches into space and vaporizes (or whatever is necessary) to make that cloud disappear. Maybe.

I’ve also read where it is all will power. That God created all the world and everything in it and then gave us dominion over it. Maybe so, maybe so. I’m no expert at such things so don’t ask me. I just know the results, not the cause.  Who, me????But, the next time the fleecy clouds are filling the sky, with lots of clear blue sky in between, go out and stare at some little ole harmless bit of fluff and do your stuff.

You’ll laugh. You’ll tell your kids. You’ll hesitate to mention it at your office for fear others will think you’re weird, but that’s all right. Just tell them Ethel told you about it on everyone knows that I’m a bit weird, so no one will be surprised.

Your kids will think it’s neat too, except they probably already know about it and will think it’s funny that it’s a new one on you. They’ve probably been doing it for years.

Cloud, cloud, go away, come again some other day.  Fun.

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