More Money Would Make Me Happy

Well, read on, and on, and on and on

A bunch of us were gabbing away about people we know and one name came up and someone, rather enviously, commented on how ‘rich’ they are and so have none of the problems the rest of us have.

I didn’t answer for I didn’t want to get into any philosophical debate, and, anyway I have off-beat ideas about lots of things and what real wealth means, is one of them.  See, I think that if one limits it to money, they’re apt to be in for some surprises. To me, and I admit it’s only my way of thinking; to be ‘rich’ is a many-faceted concept.

Some people have “all the money” in the world and yet are obviously unhappy. Just scan the newspapers, TV news, Celebrity magazines, and royalty both with and without thrones. The list and their divorces, drug use, drinking is endless. Doesn’t spell happiness to me.

Stay with me. One can have all that money, but if their body is sick then they’ve lost the capacity to enjoy the things their money brings. For instance, if you can recall some great big event in your life, and you came down with a blinding headache. The event was a loss to you, no matter how many loved ones were there, because in a sick body you could not enjoy the day and people.

And again…one can have plenty of money and a body that would do justice to an Olympic contender or a high-priced model, but if you are mentally and emotionally crippled, again, what good is the money or the great body? Huh?

If one must cringe fearfully in the home, or room, or in a hospital, that one is ‘poorer’ than those who might not have all that gold, but have joy in life and use each day to its fullest.

I often see a young couple, out running or bicycling and they are the picture of happiness and caring. I understand they’re having what we call ‘a hard time’ financially and neither have the jobs they’re highly qualified for, but they’re not hungry, they have good bodies and obviously seem to be balanced emotionally and handling their problems nicely.

Oh, I know there has to be enough money to live. We are in a world where nine-tenths of the transactions are done by dollars and cents and we need those shekels. But how often we WANT things that we don’t really NEED. Great big difference and it’s hard to differentiate for those TV commercials cost the sellers  an awful lot of money for those ads, just to make us think that we NEED whatever it is they want to sell. 

My needs are provided and my wants? Well, many of my wants are so foolish that by the time I’ve bought what I so dearly craved, I ponder why I thought that item would bring me happiness. For “things”,  I’ve learned the hard way, don’t bring happiness. That must come from within.

So… that brings me to the last and fifth facet of my description for true ‘wealth.’ And, Ethel being Ethel, you know that my fifth necessity is a spiritual one.  And, I didn’t say religious, but a spiritual way.

I’ve seen…and so have you…people with all the money they need, with good bodies, sound minds, seemingly healthy emotions and yet are unhappy. Many so unhappy they go from mate to mate. Buy bigger and ‘better’ things. Give louder and louder parties. Use both drugs and alcohol, and if you know me, you also know I’m not against a friendly glass, but that’s not what I mean, and you also know that.

Yes, I’ve seen them do all of the above,  over and over and in my own lifetime have seen  two go to the ultimate one of committing suicide.

Yes, I know a few ‘rich’ people and some of them I believe are also happy. Of course, I can only observe and surmise, for these are private things and concern no one but themselves, but I’d be willing to wager that the happy ones would agree that the money is only a part of their joy, and though they might not have thought of my five, they have them under whatever names they choose to use.

Some wise person penned words I like and laugh over.  They are: “Having a lot of money doesn’t change anyone; it just reveals what you always were.”  Well, well, well.  We better take a long look at what and who we are before we start thinking that more ‘dollars and cents’ will make a difference.

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